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A Natural Bedroom Is A Healthy Bedroom

For You, Your Childen And The New Baby

Why Would You Accept Anything Less?

Here's how Natural Sleep can help you

sleep really well and stay really healthy:

We only use natural and organic materials:

Like our pure Cottons and Wools that feel really great ? No chemical additives whatsoever.

Our natural duvets and pillows breathe really well:

Good ventilation means a dry, healthy bed with a really nice even temperature.

Our mattresses and slatted bases are designed

to give your spine perfect support:

When the spine rests in its natural shape, you get to relax fully too.

and that is the key to really restorative, really refreshing sleep.

Articles & Guides

Sleep Plays a Vital Role in your Child's Health

Managing the sleep of babies and young children is a common concern among parents and this is based on much more than their wanting a good night’s sleep themselves. Parents are right to place such importance on their child’s sleep patterns from the moment they are born. Here, online retailer of natural and organic bedroom products Natural Home Products,, looks at the vital role that sleep plays in a child’s health and development and advises on how to choose the right cot mattress and cot or first bed for your child.

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  1. How long have you been making Prolana products?
  1. Are all products entirely natural and chemical additive free?
  1. Who certifies your Cottons and Merino LambsWools to be organic?
  1. Do you make special, custom sizes?
  1. How much does delivery cost?
  1. Do you deliver to Ireland and the rest of Europe?
  1. What does the delivery service include for beds, bases, cots and mattresses?
  1. How are parcel orders delivered?
  1. What personal information do you retain about your customers ?
  1. What product guarantees do you offer?
  1. What is your policy on returning product ?
  1. Is it possible for mattresses to be returned or exchanged and at what cost ?

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What Our Customers Say

We adore our mattresses... we have never slept so well on anything.

- Lisa Morice, Santa Fe

I am absolutely delighted with my new bed. It was a birthday present to myself and I am thrilled with my choice.

- Karen Portsmouth, Yorkshire

Thanks so much... my first good nights' sleep in 5 weeks!

- Sarah Starkey, London