Custom Size Enquiry

Custom Size Prices

For custom widths or reduced lengths on mattresses, duvets and comforters, the price we ask you to pay is that for the next largest standard size above the size you order. For example, for a 150 x 190 product you would be asked to pay the 160 x 200 price for that same product.

For additional length above 200cm on mattresses, duvets and comforters, we charge a 15% price premium above the comparable price of the standard length product.

Slatted bed bases require bespoke frames to be built for custom sizes and so we charge a price premium of £45 per frame for this service. So, if your bed needs 2 frames, that charge would be £90.

Measuring Custom Sizes

For mattresses that are to fit into a bed frame - rather than resting on a flat, open base - and for all slatted bed bases, please tell us the maximum internal length and width of the available space within the frame.

Our production manager will then make your mattress(s) or base(s) to fit those internal dimensions.

Bed Frames

We are able to offer a degree of customisation to most of our bed frames, including such as custom sized widths, additional length or greater height.

Please tell us the model of bed frame and the type of alteration you would like and we will ask our carpenters to confirm if that can be done for you and the price premium we would charge. This may be in the region of £100 to £150.

Please use the form below to submit your custom size request.