About Us

At Natural Sleep we have the largest selection of natural and organic bedroom products in the UK and we are very proud of our collection.

Most of our products are made by our manufacturing partner in Southern Bavaria, who has more the 20 years experience in the design of these ranges.

All of the materials we use are natural and organic and entirely free of any chemical additives whatsoever, including the real nasties like Antimony.

We also have specific product options for those with allergic, respiratory and skin conditions, including animal hair free alternatives.

Our products are designed to keep your bedroom healthy and you supremely comfortable with fully relexed and restorative sleep.

They are also equally kind to the future of our environment and planet and so make a modest contribution to the welfare of the next generation.

Natural Sleep are based in the beautiful countryside outside of Norwich, in a small village and offices that are converted barn buildings.

We have an experienced team and would be pleased to help you with any product information or in the selection of the ideal product for your needs.

If we don't know the answer, then we have our partners 20 years of experience to draw on.