Round Cushion Stools - Tall

Round Cushion Stools - Tall

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  • Round Cushion Stools - Tall
  • Round Cushion Stools - Tall

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These circular upholstered stools have been carefully and sturdily made from natural materials to last for many years.

The cylinder, base and top are made from rubberised Coconut Coir, padded with a fleecing of organic Merino LambsWool in a cover made from organic Cotton that is durable, removable and machine washable.

Inside the cylinder, the filling is a mixture of natural Latex flakes and organic Merino LambsWool.

Suitable For

Ideal casual, occasional seating for those who value entirely natural materials used to craft a stool that is both well made and pleasing to the eye. Available in Cream, Terracotta or Anthracite.

Product Tips

These Round Cushion Stools are 50cm high and 45cm wide.

In this ssection, we also have circular Floor and Meditation Cushions sized 40 x 25 cm or 35 x 15 cm.


A cylinder, including top and base made from rubberised Coconut Coir
A padding of organic Merino LambsWool around the Coconut Coir core
Organic Cotton, durable and washable
The core is filled with a mixture of natural Latex and organic Merino LambsWool
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Delivery in 3 weeks