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Bed Slat Base ~ Beech Wood ~ Flexa

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  • Bed Slat Base ~ Beech Wood ~ Flexa

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A popular Beech wood bed slat base for youngsters & those of below average body weight, the Flexa gets the very best performance from the mattress.

Recommended for body weights up to 70 Kg.

Natural and handmade from sustainably forested Beech woods.

This is intended as an entry price slatted base and customers should be aware that the finish is basic and lacks refinement.

Suitable For

The Flexa is a sturdy, but basic slatted base most suited to use by children or those of below average body weight, up to 70 Kg.

Product Tips

Slatted bases enhance the pressure sensitive and orthopaedic qualities of mattresses, whilst also greatly improving mattress ventilation.

For bed frames of 140 cm width and above, we will supply 2 bases, so that each person has individual support and minimal disturbance from their partner.

The 140 and 160 cm widths are supplied as Duos, with the two bases joined along their centre line, whilst for 180 and 200 cm widths you will need to order 2 bases of 90 or 100 cm width.

Please measure and tell us the internal dimensions of your bed frame, as this will be the maximum area available for the base(s)


External Dimensions
Flexa is available in standard widths of 80, 90, 100, 140, 160 cm
3 cm
Solid Beech wood (MZV) frames
Material Qualities
The slats are layer glued and held in place by flexible Latex caps fitted to the top of the frame.
Flexa Prices ~ Single £196 ~ Double £519 ~ King £519
Delivery Time
Delivery in 4 weeks
Product Benefits
Recommended for body weights up to 70 Kg.