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Lara - Baby Cot Mattress And Cot Bed Mattress - Cotton - 8cm

Lara - Baby Cot Mattress & Cot Bed Mattress - Cotton - 8cm

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  • Lara - Baby Cot Mattress & Cot Bed Mattress - Cotton - 8cm
  • Lara - Baby Cot Mattress & Cot Bed Mattress - Cotton - 8cm
  • Lara - Baby Cot Mattress & Cot Bed Mattress - Cotton - 8cm
  • Lara - Baby Cot Mattress & Cot Bed Mattress - Cotton - 8cm

Buying Options

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Please select a size, firmness and cover.

Custom sizes available, please contact us for further details.


These warm and cosy baby cot and cot bed mattresses have a firm Coconut Coir side that is springy and airy and the other of a resiliant medium grade natural Latex that has a beautifully soft surface.

Prices are:
Cot 60 x 120 = £184
Cot Bed 70 x 140 = £195

Suitable For

This versatile cot mattress is designed to provide baby with excellent support and comfort during all growth phases, with both firm and medium grade sides, that are within a generous fleecing for exceptional ventilation and safety.

Product Tips

The firmer rubberised Coconut Coir side of the mattress provides perfect support and stability when baby is sleeping on the softer side, whilst the firm side iteself may prove more comfortable if baby experiences any growth aches and pains.

The organic Cotton fleecing creates a mattress that is entirely free of animal hair, making it an excellent choice should allergies or respiratory or skin conditions be a concern.

Organic Cotton is also excellent for temperature and moisture regulation, making this a particularly safe mattress.

The Lara Plus is also available with organic Merino LambsWool fleecing, which is warm and cosy and also ventilates heat and moisture extremely well.

All of our products are natural and entirely free of any chemical additives.


8 cm Deep
The core has 2,5 cm of natural Latex and 3 cm of natural rubberised Coconut Coir
Wrapped in 1000 g/m2 of organic Cotton
Organic Cotton drill covers, removable and machine washable.
Material Qualities
The Coconut Coir gives excellent ventilation, the Cotton adds both comfort and perfect temperature and moisture regulation and the natural Latex has exceptional pressure sensitive qualities for perfect, adaptable support.
Optional Extras
Replacement organic Cotton drill covers are available
Neem oil treatment will protect the mattress from House Dust Mites for more than 2 years.
Care Instructions
Please rotate this mattress from head to foot every 2 or 3 months
Delivery Time
Delivery in 3 weeks
Delivery Cost
Included in the price for UK and European mainland addresses
Product Benefits
Prices are ~ Cot £184 ~ Cot Bed £195