Prolana - Lena Duvets - Cotton

Prolana - Lena Duvets - Cotton

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  • Prolana - Lena Duvets - Cotton

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These organic Cotton filled Lena duvets are perfect for all year round use.

The Cotton releases excess heat back into the air in summer and helps to maintain a warm, constant temperature in winter.

The quilted organic Cotton covers have been specifically designed to resist slipping, so that even the most active baby or child might remain covered throughout the night.

Suitable For

Soft and fluffy, the Cotton releases excess heat on hot nights, but is warm in winter.
In all year round weights. Ideal if allergies are a concern.

Product Tips

Being animal hair free, and chemical additive free, these Cotton filled duvets are ideal should allergies or respiratory or skin conditions be a concern.

These duvets are also machine washable at up to 60 degrees.

All of our products are natural and entirely free of any chemical additives.

Neem oil treatment will protect your duvet from House Dust Mites for more than 2 years.


In slip resistant quilted Percale weave covers.
Organic Cotton in all year round weights.
Material Qualities
Organic Cotton is ideal if allergies are a concern, is machine washable and releases excess heat and moisture back into the air. A cooler option.
Neem oil treatment will protect your duvet from House Dust Mites for more than 2 years.
Care Instructions
Machine washable.
Delivery Time
Delivery in 2 weeks
Delivery Cost
Included in the price for UK and European mainland orders over £50

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